A downloadable game for Windows

It is a simple mario kart like arcade racer based on the theme of power rangers - the classic 90's TV series. It was an entry for Slavic Game Jam 2016. Please take this game with the grain of salt, there are a lot of bugs and performance problems.

This game was made by a group of 6 people:

Krzysztof "Raptor" Taperek, Ola "Zima" Lato, Wojciech "Wowo" Płatek, Wojciech "Lifes" Guderski, Lidia "Pine" Sosna, Michał "Muniu" Majczak with some help from: Kacpi, Mate, Prometeusz, Dalton and Sos.


RangerKart.rar 109 MB


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Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oOCwcY2K3E